Entrepreneurship Education


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Entrepreneurship Education

The Entrepreneurship Education Think Tank lead by the Chamber brings together a wide range of persons working in the field of entrepreneurship education, from universities to enterprising youth organisations. The aim of the activities of the Think Tank is to achieve that the importance of developing enterprising mindset is understood in Estonia on the level of the state, region as well as individuals, and the education system has interconnected and structured possibilities for developing enterprising mindset and acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship. In autumn 2010, the experts of the Think Tank developed the Entrepreneurship Education Development Plan “Olen ettevõtlik!” (Be Enterprising!) which is realised through the national curriculum of general education. The Plan phrases the definitions related to promotion of entrepreneurship education and enterprising spirit as well as the essence of entrepreneurship education. Additionally, the Plan describes the current problems and solutions for them as well as distribution of roles and activities of different parties for the near future.

The Entrepreneurship Education Development Plan was signed at the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 1 October 2010. The signatories were: Juhan Parts, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, Tõnis Lukas, Minister of Education and Research, Toomas Luman, President of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ülari Alamets, Director of Enterprise Estonia Foundation, Robert Lippin, Director of the National Examination and Qualifications Centre.

Entrepreneurship Education – What Is It?
The aim of entrepreneurship education is to increase the number of enterprising persons in the society and ensure development of personal characteristics and attitudes as well as entrepreneurship knowledge and skills:

  • in pre-school, primary and basic education levels, the main emphasis of entrepreneurship education will be on developing the enterprising attitudes and career studies
  • starting from the upper secondary school level, knowledge and skills will be added for realising one’s ideas

Ideal Image of Enterprising Spirit

The society lasts and develops faster thanks to enterprising people. Such people are able to organise their own life as well as that of the community, as employees are skilled to notice and take opportunities and with the leadership of such people, additional value is created in the society in business or social undertakings. In order to purposefully develop such attitudes and skills in young people, at home as well as in school, it is necessary to agree on who is an enterprising person.

Having compared the experiences of different countries (Scotland, Norway, Finland, Canada etc.) in phrasing the goals of entrepreneurship education, the Entrepreneurship Think Tank decided:

  • phrase the ideal of an enterprising person as four general key words;
  • elaborate on the general keywords of the ideal as personal characteristics/attitudes, skills;
  • define competencies/study results by ages.

The terminology and definitions agreed on by the exerts of the European Commission; education strategy documents of Finland, Norway and Scotland were used as the basis for phrasing the personal characteristics/attitudes and skills of the ideal of an enterprising person, additionally, the current Estonian context was considered.

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